Crazy black friday shopping!


最后,着名的黑色星期五在拐角处!为了购买一些好东西,我尽早搜索所有可能的促销信息。我的寄宿家庭带一些本地商店的促销手册。我们将强调一些东西,写下每个商店的不同开放时间。然后我们疯狂的24小时购物开始!friday is around the corner! For buying some good stuff, I search all possible promotion info early. My host family bring some local store’s promotion brochure. We will underline some stuff and write down the different opening time of each store.Then our crazy 24 hours shopping begin!


P1是上午5点。人们在线购物。他们有促进,前500名购物者可以有一个自由娃娃作为礼物(p2)。a.m.. The people are get in line for shopping. They have the promotion that the  first 500 shopper can have a free doll as a gift(p2).






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