Start to Teach


The time  to move in  late October. The winter is coming.


From beginning  a little  bit nervous to now relax slowly and enjoy the teaching took me nearly 2 months. Next I want to introduce my curriculum briefs. Totally, I have thirteen classes. They are first grade, second grade and half third grade. Language lesson is my major lesson. Each class will last 20 minutes. It will begin from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. As time went by, the other lessons stared to join us. For example, the music class will start from third grade. Each music lesson will last 15 minutes. And the Taichi class will start from second grade. Each class will last 30 minutes.


Each month we will do a cultural item. Language class and cultural class will  take turns. But I will pay much attention on language classes. Because I  want to teach them something useful. So I teach some basic  words such as: “teacher”” hello”. And a small dialogue about greeting.And number 1 to 10 in Chinese. As cultural terms, I introduce the Mid-autumn Festival and Chinese respect teacher theory.


Although each class won’t take a long time, but kids won’t focus for a long time. So if  we keep doing one item for a long time, they become distractibility. So I would like at least one highlight each class. The music teaching method helps a lot when I teach numbers and we need to come up with some interesting games too. But we can’t compare the kids, we play games not only for playing but also learning something.


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