New beginning!

一个月前我打包好自己的行李,带着未知与期待来到了美国。这个对我来说,充满着吸引力的国度。经过1天的在圣克劳德的短期培训,我们跟着sara how(我们学校的心理老师)来到了法戈。与我同行的还有已经呆过一年的Erin,也是即将跟我一起共同生活与工作的小伙伴。

One month ago, I packed up my luggage, with unknown and expectation, came to the United Stated. In my view, American is full of attraction. After one-day, short-term training, we came to Fargo with Sara How (Our school counselor). Erin, who has been here for one year, will be my living and working partner.


When I settled down, we went to school for pre-school workshop. Staff assembled at gym to warm-up for the school year. Dr. Henry demonstrated some special greeting manner and the interesting song–tricky bear. I felt very interesting when we shared something about summer vacation and played games together. Dr. Henry also came to greet to me.It is so nice. The atmosphere of the school is really energetic and organized.


We need to observe the class in the first week of school. It is extremely important because I can learn something useful, such as how to manage the class and some new method to teach. All these tips will help me to get used to here more quickly.


Ok.That’s all.



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